Types Of Mats And How They Can Be Used For Marketing

There are multiple types of mats available in the market which can be used by public as well as by the corporates. The most common ones are: Promotional mats, bar runners, custom bar mats, commercial entrance mats, logo mats and personalized door mats.

When it comes to making your brand image, creating a look that is uniform and clean can have big impact on your success. One way to tidy up your brand’s appearance can be done through using Promotional mats. These mats can serve as indoor billboards. They are a great vehicle for promoting and communicating your messages to the customers. They can be customized all while providing high exposure at low cost.

Bar runner mats are regarded as strong promotional tools that boosts your commercial status, captures mass attention & display messages to customers at the point of purchase. It is one of the most valuable marketing tools for restaurants & real estate companies particularly as they offer a large space for advertising through which customers get to know about the business. At the time of purchase, customers can see the business’s message displayed on custom bar mats.

One of the greatest challenges for a new business setup is name recognition to consumers. Different marketing strategies are used to gain recognition, but businesses forget to look downward. Yes! Promoting brand and gaining recognition through Commercial entrance mats is still in the game.  One way to overcome this challenge is through utilizing the idea of advertising floor mats. As they are highly visible and bear logo on the topsides, they can be used as a promotional tool to help foster brand recognition in an effective way. These types of mats are referred to as logo mats.

As the name indicates, Logo mats can be used for all kinds of marketing promotions and advertisements. Logo mats have company’s logo printed or a brand name printed permanently on the face of a logo mat. Logo mats should be placed strategically to ensure maximum visibility by the customers. Temporary logo mats can also be placed to advertise a seasonal sale. One of its kind includes personalized door mats that are placed on entrance. These are used by businesses to feature a specific product or service that you would like to spotlight. It is one of golden opportunity to show customers how professional your business is.

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